Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Checking In

Hey guys,

Just wanted to stop in and say Hi, hope you're having a good Tuesday. It's starting to warm up here in Edmonton. It's finally dress weather.

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dinner for Two

On Thursday night I met up with my friend Kyla for some girl time. After wandering the Ave we decided it was time for some dinner. Wanting to try something new, Kyla suggested a little diner she had found online, and off we went. We arrived at the High Level Diner around 5:45 and there was a line up out the door. This seemed a little discouraging; however, we were promptly sat at a window seat overlooking their patio. Browsing the menu we had difficulty choosing a dish from their small but fantastic sounding menu. They offer specials most days of the week: Thursday being a Ukrainian plate.Not being in the mood for Ukrainian, we began scouring the menu. After much debate we settled on splitting two dishes to get a larger taste for the diners food.

As we chatted at our cozy little table in the corner, our water glasses were frequently refilled. Local art for sale hung on the walls adding a nice artsy touch suitable for it`s near Whyte Ave location. The restaurant was busy, but our food was quickly brought to us. With so many choices we were unable to choose between the Nachos (with house made guacamole and salsa), and the Diner's Clubhouse (sans mayonnaise) with fries. 

Our meals arrived in succession, first the nachos and then the sandwich. The nachos looked so good that we immediately jumped in. Crunchy but flavorful corn chips, cheese, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, green onion and cilantro. The house salsa was delicious, and Kyla said the guacamole was excellent too- with a little, but not too much kick. The refried beans remained untouched for a good ten minutes as we ate, neither of us being a bean fan. I eventually decided to give them taste, only to discover that they were really good. We continued to mix and match beans, salsa, and guacamole, thoroughly enjoying every bite. We both agreed that it was safe to say they were the best nachos we'd ever had!

Sitting off to the side on our table remained our Diner Clubhouse and fries. We shared the fries and each had half of the pre-cut sandwich.  It was good, with flavorful chicken, bacon, and lettuce. Although the fries were cold after sitting while we ate the nachos, they were still tasty, as old fashioned homemade fries always are. The Diner Clubhouse would make an excellent lunch or meal for one.

The verdict:
I thoroughly enjoyed eating at the High Level Diner. It had a nice, cozy, casual atmosphere, and good food. Although the Diner Clubhouse was good, I would recommend you stop by for their nachos as a snack, or even a full meal. They were delicious and I will definitely be returning.

Hope you`re having a great weekend!


Welcome to Beauty and Brunch Blog!

Hi there!

My name is Melissa. Welcome to my blog! I am an avid follower of many beauty, fashion, lifestyle and food blogs. One day I got the inclination that I could start one of my own. Over time and with support from my friends and loved ones, Beauty and Brunch Blog was formed. Here I will share with you my life and my interests: fashion, beauty, food, and anything else that catches my eye. I hope that together we can become friends and build a vivid interactive community. 

About Me:

I am a twenty-something year old blogger with a polished, yet casual style. I am currently a university student working to put myself through school. In the summer you'll find me playing beach volleyball, riding my bike, or enjoying an art show or theater festival. I've always been creative: drawing and painting from a young age. My creativity has spilled over other aspects of my life, particularly makeup and my love of color. I enjoy baking and experimenting with new recipes. I hope you find something you'd like to try from the successes, and some humor in the ones that don't quite work out.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my little slice of life. Feel free to share something about yourself in comments below- I'd love to get to know my readers. I hope to hear from you in the future as Beauty and Brunch Blog grows and expands.